Dance Workshops

2 HOUR DANCE WORKSHOPS – Go to ‘Online Live Classes’ for these. Below on-hold.

If you would like to try a particular dance style, but do not have the time to commit to a course or have never tried the class or dance style before, workshops are for you! They enable you to test a dance style and level to see if a course will be suitable for you.

Our workshops are fun, intense, upbeat and they allow you to master a routine as well as learn dance technique in just a couple of hours. These one-off workshops are equivalent to attending more than a few classes in a row!


BELLYTON! (Reggaeton and Belly Dance Fusion)

22 April 2020 

A Puerto Rican dance form strongly influenced by Latin American, Caribbean, and hip hop music. It’s a fun, full of flavour and a free-spirited style of dance popular for its body waves, lower body isolations, locks, pops, groove and attitude! Large movements that compliment Belly Dancing accurately and a full body and mind workout that will leave you sweating ang glowing with confidence. You can’t help but move your body rhythmically when you hear this music! Video example below.


SHAABI (Street and Belly Dance Fusion)

27 May 2020 

Shaabi (meaning of the people) is the music and voice of the streets in Egypt and the lyrics of shaabi songs are usually about politics, personal life or love. 

Dancewise, Egyptian Shaabi style is playful and flirtatious, a bit ‘cheeky’, with a strong folkloric influence. This style is full of feeling!

The movements are earthier  without many spins nor big travelling steps; steps are mostly on flat feet and the style is funky, bouncy and upbeat. Video example below.



24 June 2020 

Ever wanted to now how a dancer choreograph’s? Learn counts, rhythm and timing to various types of music and learn what body movements compliment individual sounds. A musicality class that will tune your ears deeper into melodies where your body will control the music and not the other way around. Learn the dynamics of dancing to include level changes, formation variations, syncopations, accents and canons to add interest, depth and variation to your dances.


Date: As above

Time: 7.35-8.35pm 

Venue: DW Fitness, The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD (On the right of the main entrance door to the hotel). Nearest statiions include, Covent Garden, Temple, Holborn and The Strand

Duration: 2 hours each

Price: 1 workshop: £29

            2 workshops: £49

            3 workshops: £69