Dance Workshops



If you would like to try a particular dance style, but do not have the time to commit to a course or have never tried the class or dance style before, workshops are for you! They enable you to test a dance style and level to see if a course will be suitable for you.


Our workshops are fun, intense, upbeat and they allow you to master a routine as well as learn dance technique in just a couple of hours. These one-off workshops are equivalent to attending more than a few classes in a row!



Exploring the vast range of shimmies to include, Egyptian shimmy, tension shimmy, shimmy layers, twist shimmies, hagalla 3/4 shimmies, Turkish shuffle, shoulder shimmies and choo choo shimmies!

Perfecting the range of turns, to include paddles turn, travelling turn, step turn, speed control, core control, arms with turns and generally improving the precision and connection of turns with other movements.

Strength-based seamless floor-work maneuvers to showcase a dancer’s range of skills and repertoire. Embellishment postures, safety techniques, transitional movements to get on and off the floor with confidence and freedom of movement and sequences of layers and drills with floor-work.


BELLY BOLLY: 18th June 2019

Combining the graceful art of Belly Dance with the high energetic vibrant art of Bollywood dancing. Learn how to fuse the two styles to add dynamic and interesting differences in your dance style within one dance! Perfecting hands/arms movements and using footwork within Bollywood Dancing to combine it with body isolations and contractions of Belly Dance. Music that will transcend you into a class that will leave you forgetting about your day and week beforehand.


Time: 7.35pm – 9.35pm each workshop

Venue: DW Fitness, The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD (On the right of the main entrance door to the hotel). Nearest statiions include, Covent Garden, Temple, Holborn and The Strand

Duration: 2 hours each

Price: £35 for one workshop, £65 for two workshops. Please see paypal drop down menu below (right at the bottom of this webpage).


One example of a particular workshop style below: