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Catch up on recordings it you cannot make it to class live


Mondays 6-7pm (recurring),

Start date 4th July 2022

General level – For everyone! (A great way to keep fit, tone abs, bums and tums, build core strength and technique based, so this is good if you want to learn or improve movement and refine precision in them).

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Mondays 7.15-8.15pm for 7 weeks

4th July – 15th August

This course covers moving your body percussively using pops and locks, accents and punctuations. The music is exciting which enables rapid sharp movements combined with softer shimmies, travelling movements and fluidity. Control isolations and learn belly dancing at a very fast pace through this mindful and intricate style of belly dancing. A drum solo piece can leave an audience in absolute awe


Check product below for description of class. 



Book below: £10 each (Or to try a taster session), or book a block on Paypal link below or according to course. 

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Online classes will now be live-streamed so that we can continue dancing – Whoop! Stay safe within the warmth of your home and join me to dance the hour away in several different styles of dance! Each class will be for anyone, regardless of previous classes attended and you will have all the content of that class within the hour. Once you are apart of the group, you will have access to the video to look back at so you can continue your learning  Let’s stay positive, upbeat and dancing! Let’s tone, stretch and learn some moves without the effort of travelling and lets make some ‘you’ time. Get your friends and family involved too and lets have some fun!

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