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Online Live Dance Class


CURRENT TIMETABLE in date order:


Tuesdays 6-7pm (recurring), Belly Dance Drills & Technique – General level – For everyone! (A great way to keep fit and technique based, so this is good if you want to learn or improve movement and refine precision in them).

Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm, Belly Dance Choreography Course – Int/Adv. Starts 2 June – 23 June 2020 for 4 weeks. Drills & Routine based – Fun and challenging dances to music and versatility .


Keep checking back, as the above is updated weekly! 




7 June 2020 – 2-4pm            (Book 2 classes in Paypal tab above)

Ever wanted to know how a dancer choreograph’s? Learn counts, rhythm and timing to various types of music and learn what body movements compliment individual sounds. A musicality class that will tune your ears deeper into melodies where your body will control the music and not the other way around. Learn the dynamics of dancing to include level changes, formation variations, syncopations, accents and canons to add interest, depth and variation to your dances.



21 June 2020 – 2-5pm          (Book 3 classes in Paypal tab above)

Exploring the vast range of shimmies to include, Egyptian shimmy, tension shimmy, shimmy layers, twist shimmies, hagalla 3/4 shimmies, Turkish shuffle, shoulder shimmies, travelling shimmies and choo-choo shimmies!

Perfecting the range of turns, to include paddles turn, travelling turn, step turn, speed control, core control, arms with turns and generally improving the precision and connection of turns with other movements.

Strength-based seamless floor-work manoeuvers to showcase a dancer’s range of skills and repertoire. Embellishment postures, safety techniques, transitional movements to get on and off the floor and sequences of layers and drills with floor-work.



5 July 2020 – 2-4pm            (Book 2 classes in Paypal tab above)

In this energetic workshop you will learn how to layer your shimmies in an intricate, yet relaxed and controlled manner with various other belly dance style movements. This is a great full-body workout that includes toning, blood circulation, muscular strength and cardio fitness, working your arms, obliques, glutes, legs and back, whilst also releasing tension in the body and shaking loads! It will be playful and fun, yet it will require lots of coordination, mental focus and brain-work too, really utilising those cognitive functions!



Online classes will now be live-streamed so that we can continue dancing – Whoop! Stay safe within the warmth of your home and join me to dance the hour away in several different styles of dance! Each class will be for anyone, regardless of previous classes attended and you will have all the content of that class within the hour. Once you are apart of the group, you will have access to the video to look back at so you can continue your learning  Let’s stay positive, upbeat and dancing! Let’s tone, stretch and learn some moves without the effort of travelling and lets make some ‘you’ time. Get your friends and family involved too and lets have some fun!

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