Prerecorded Classes

  • Purchase any of a huge variety of pre-recorded dance classes/courses/tutorials to do in your own time, in the comfort of your own home OR attend one of our Zoom classes from our timetable below
  • Log in from anywhere for instant access to experienced professionals, where movements are broken down thoroughly
  • Growing archive of videos in different dance levels, workouts and from previous terms, new terms, new choreographies and new skills and techniques
  • Ongoing real feedback Q&A’s
  • Expert teaching techniques, structure and discipline to become a better dancer and feel like you are in a fun studio no matter where you are!
  • Most importantly, Discover Dance!


Pre-recorded classes:

Belly Dance Fitness Workout Drills - 1 Hour
Salsa Styling Class (General Level) 1 Hour

Belly Dance Fun Routine - 1 Hour

Classes & Courses
Belly Dance Beginner's Course
  • Basic Belly Dance Posture (Video)
  • Warm-up and dynamic stretches (Video)
  • Syllabus Material to include movement names and music recommendations
  • 10 core movements, and 20 more general movements, postures required and technique (individual videos)
  • Hip movements, footwork, chest and arm movements
  • Combinations and short routine of movements learnt (videos)
  • Shimmy cardio workout and technique (Video)
  • Arm movements and cooldown (Video)
  • Cool-Down static stretches (Video)
  • Full-time and instant access to learn from a highly experienced and world renowned professional Instructor

Full Price: £110 





Tuesdays 6-7pm (recurring), Belly Dance Drills and Technique – General level – For everyone! (A great way to keep fit and technique based, so this is good if you want to learn or improve movement and refine precision in them).

Tuesdays 7.15-8.15pm, Belly Dance Latin Fusion – Starts 27 October – 17 November 2020 for 4 weeks. 



Book individual classes by hour below or click the ‘4 x 1 hour classes’ option on the Paypal link below to book one 4-week course. Please contact us if you would like advice on how to sign up:


Classes & Courses


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