Wednesdays 17th November – 15 December for 5 weeks

*Commercial Belly Dance  7-8pm*

Combine commercial dancing with it’s fun, full of flavour and free-spirited style of dance popular for its body waves, lower body isolations, locks, pops, groove and attitude with Belly Dance! Large movements that compliment Belly Dancing accurately and a full body and mind workout that will leave you sweating and glowing with confidence. You can’t help but move your body rhythmically when you hear this music! We will be dancing to Gitana by Claydee and Lil Eddie. The music is strong, fierce and brings out that feminine power!

*Salsa Belly Dance Fusion 8-9pm*

Learn energetic Salsa footwork, arms and hips whilst enjoying the rhythmic drums and sounds of Salsa. This is a course that captures everyone from the get go because of the addictive music, Latin flavour, powerful rhythmic patterns and interesting footwork. A course that will leave you feeling like a diva! Passionate, fierce and sensuous.


Start Date: 17th November – 15 December

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: DW Fitness, The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD (On the right of the main entrance door to the hotel). Nearest stations include, Covent Garden, Temple, Holborn and The Strand

Duration:  5 weeks, 1 hour each week

Price: £70 per course, £130 for both courses

Tutor: Anita Makwana


Class examples below. These routines will not be taught in the courses.

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