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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Belly Dance is a low-impact exercise and therefore no matter what age, gender or cultural background you are – you can take part!

No, these are just for fun. The teacher normally brings these to class for students to borrow, but it is not necessary to wear one.

Belly Dancing is actually beneficial for pregnant women and has amazing benefits for pre and post birth, which is one of the reasons woman historically started belly dancing! However, a doctors note authorising your participation must be handed to your instructor upon arrival in the class.

Not at all, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when taking the class and anything goes. If you would like to show your belly, then of course you can.

Light slippers, ballet shoes or bare feet is appropriate

Comfortable clothes (Tracksuits, long skirts, leggings, harems, tops), water and just yourself!

Endless amounts! Belly Dancing is great for self esteem, fitness, toning, stamina, strengthens your pelvic floor muscles to aid with menstruation, menopause and pregnancy, strengthens your spine, works with the muscles of the body instead of against it, improves posture, reduces stress, increases flexibility, libido and ‘feel good’ hormones in the body. Plus more!!!

This is possible at the beginning of each course upon request.

You are welcome to join classes on the 1st and 2nd week of the course. However, you will need to check with us, if you would like to join any later and you need to be prepared to catch up if joining at a later time. The cost of the course will remain the same.

Performing is entirely optional. We will welcome you to perform, as it is fun, a confidence booster, great experience and a fantastic opportunity to show off your skills to friends and family members. But, we will not make you feel uncomfortable with any aspects of the course and you can choose to attend without performing.

Movements are constantly repeated in Belly Dance for drilling purposes and muscle memory, however, please ask the instructor if you feel you do not understand something. They are always there to help you exceed in he course.

Any further questions that have not been mentioned above? Please contact us and ask us anything.

We look forward to seeing you in class!