Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you would like to attend a taster of the first class on a particular course, please email with this request.


  • If the Paypal link below does not work, email detailing the courses you wish to sign up for and your full name and contact number and we will send you payment details.


  •  If you sign up for more than one course,please send an email to detailing the courses you have signed up for just for our records.


  • Please note that refunds cannot be made after payment has been processed and that any missed classes will have to be accounted for prior to making payment.


  • If you know you will miss a number of sessions and would like to discuss this prior to making a booking, please email


  • Please check the tutor teaching each course as listed on the website, the prerequisites in terms of level and the course description style before signing up.
Terms & Conditions for Discover Dance UK (DDUK) Live Online Classes:
  • If you have made a class/course booking, no refunds can be made, except for exceptional circumstances at DDUK’s discretion
  •  If you know that you will not be available at the time of the live class/course, Zoom recordings are available for missed sessions and can be sent to you to watch at your own time
  • Class credits for future classes can be kept for you, only if we are notified at the time or shortly after payment.
  • If you agree to participate in a live class and have to cancel, 48 hours notice prior to any classes/course starting may be transferred to following weeks (Excluding exceptional circumstances where some discretion will be allowed or if you have booked within the 48 hours before a class). Anything less than 48 hours prior to a class/course starting, will not be exchanged, transferred or refunded.
  • When making payments (especially if booking more than one class), please notify us to let us know which specific class(es) you are signing up for. If you are unsure, please notify us stating that.
  • If you know you will miss a number of sessions in a live class or course and would like to discuss this prior to booking, please notify us at the time of or before payment is made (As stated above, Zoom recordings can be made available)
  • You do not have to show yourself or turn your camera on when participating in online classes. We appreciate you having your video on, it facilitates social connection in a time of isolation. However, this is not a necessity.
  • Have the same name displayed on your Zoom account as the name you registered for the class with
  • Join the class on time to avoid being held in the online waiting room during the several warm-up songs
  • Keep mic muted when songs are playing, to avoid interference noise; they will be switched on only when we need to communicate vocally between us. The chat icon can also help us communicate and we always encourage it is used.
  • If you are new to the classes and styles of dancing and would like to try a class as a taster, please let us know.
  • If a course has already started, you may still enrol on the first or second week, or if you have been sent the video recordings of previous weeks. The course cost will remain the same if joining later. You will need to be prepared to catch up
  • If for some reason the class doesn’t work for you (i.e. unexpected tech issues), we can transfer your fees for you to join another online class the following week.

Yes! Belly Dance is a low-impact exercise and therefore no matter what age, gender or cultural background you are – you can take part!

These are just for fun. The teacher normally brings these to class for students to purchase, however, it is not necessary to wear one.

Belly Dancing is actually beneficial for pregnant women and has amazing benefits for pre and post birth, which is one of the reasons woman historically started belly dancing! However, a doctors note authorising your participation must be handed to your instructor upon arrival in the class.

Not at all, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when taking the class and anything goes. If you would like to show your belly, then of course you can.

Light slippers, ballet shoes or bare feet are appropriate

Comfortable clothes (Tracksuits, long skirts, leggings, harems, tops), water and just yourself!

Endless amounts! Belly Dancing is great for self esteem, fitness, toning, stamina, strengthens your pelvic floor muscles to aid with menstruation, menopause and pregnancy, strengthens your spine, works with the muscles of the body instead of against it, improves posture, reduces stress, increases flexibility, libido and ‘feel good’ hormones in the body. Plus more!!!

This is possible at the beginning of each course upon request

You are welcome to join classes on the 1st and 2nd week of the course. However, you will need to check with us, if you would like to join any later and you need to be prepared to catch up if joining at a later time. The cost of the course will remain the same.

Performing is entirely optional. We will welcome you to perform, as it is fun, a confidence booster, great experience and a fantastic opportunity to show off your skills to friends and family members. But, we will not make you feel uncomfortable with any aspects of the course and you can choose to attend without performing.

Movements are constantly repeated in Belly Dance for drilling purposes and muscle memory, however, please ask the instructor if you feel you do not understand something. They are always there to help you exceed in the course.

Any further questions that have not been mentioned above? Please contact us and ask us anything.

We look forward to seeing you in class!