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Although dancing at home alone in front of the mirror is always so much fun, dancing in public can sometimes be the extreme opposite – Daunting! Whether you want to dance for fitness, to refine technique, for your own self motivation or because you want to impress a friend at their wedding/event – Private Lessons have very rewarding benefits.

One-on-one lessons work with your individual requirements to establish the ultimate goal you are seeking. Benefits include:

  • Choice of location (Studio or at your own comfortable home, whichever is preferable)
  • Flexibility to manage lessons around a busy schedule
  • Full individual attention and therefore quicker learning
  • Deeper focus on technique, isolations and combinations
  • Choice of lesson plan and direction of learning
  • Learn at your own pace

Prices vary depending on location, duration and group size, however, they are £75 per hour as a general guide and less for bulk bookings. 

ZOOM LESSONS are also available £55 per hour, so you can learn to dance and have fun wherever you are in the world! Bulk booking prices for these are also available.

Please see our Private Tuition Conditions at the bottom of the page for a full view of our terms for booking private lessons and for an overview of prices.

Wedding couples and first dance bookings are also provided. 

Please contact us for further information or to make a booking.

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