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Teacher Training Course

Belly Dance Teachers Training
TEACHERS TRAINING COURSES are designed for those of you who are looking to take your dancing skills to a higher level. As the art of belly dance becomes more popular, the demand for teachers is rising and it is an extremely rewarding gift to be able to transfer and share your skills with others. This course is also beneficial for those of you who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Belly Dance and dancing in general. If you’ve ever thought of doing what you enjoy for a living, this is definitely for you.
The course has been designed by leading experts in the industry to ensure suitability for each individual and to guarantee specific objectives are achieved.

The course covers the following:

  •  The anatomy of posture
  • Health benefits of belly dancing
  • The history and understanding of belly dance
  • Styles and vocabulary of belly dance
  • Belly dance rhythms (with a special guest drumming live for us)
  • 6-12 week course format which can be applied to courses or drop-in classes
  • Safe and fun warm-up methods
  • Comprehensive lists of Level 1, 2 and 3 core movements
  • A safe and effective cool down method including stretches
  • Stylising
  • Strength and drill exercises to improve muscle strength and memory
  • Combinations and choreographies (constructing)
  • Musicality, counts and timing
  • Anatomy and muscles in more depth
  • Dance technique and muscle usage
  • Insurances, legalities, marketing and licences
At the end of the course, there is a short theory exercise to test your knowledge and a small practical assessment. This will be completed on an individual basis in your own time with a qualified instructor and you will have a chance to practice throughout the course. You will also be provided with a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Lessons can be in person or online.
There are heaps of exciting things to learn and cover in this course and therefore several options of learning are available. The course is generally 12-16 hours in total over the course of a few weeks or days, dependant on availability of the student.

Date: TBC
Time: 12 – 6pm (half hour-1 hour break in-between)

Skill level: Intermediate level of Belly Dance or some Belly Dance experience (Please message if unsure).
Trainer: Anita Makwana
Venue: ZOOM Online or in person (in-person options for tests when online course)
Cost: £479 and cheaper with more than 1 person booked on. £399 when sales are on. 
What you need to bring: All course materials will be provided, but please bring a pen, highlighter, notepad, water, comfortable clothes and snacks.
Spaces: Only 6 available maximum for individual attention!!

Please message book above or contact us if interested in taking part. Please also send me a message if you have any questions or concerns before considering to participate and/or if you are unsure about your skill level.

teacher training course
learn to be a belly dance teacher and instructor
Teacher Training Course