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Thursday 12th September – Monday 16th September 2024

By high demand, we have sourced a second Riad accommodation as the first was sold within 1 week! 
We have only 6 spaces left and we will not have any spaces after these are sold. 
Please see accommodation below. 



Thursday 12th September – Monday 16th September 2024 (4 days)

In collaboration with Art Academy, the number 1 dance and music school of Marrakech

Dance Classes Venue:

40000, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco



3 DB El Baroud Hart Sourah, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Immerse yourself in an exotic Riad stay, awakening all your senses to the beautiful surrounding designs, the relaxing hammans and the captivating smells. Feel invigorated, connected and embodied, whilst you recharge all of your senses and indulge in this boutique Moroccan riad stay.

Room 1: 3 spaces of sharing

Room 2: 2 spaces of sharing

Room 3: 2 spaces of sharing

Room 4: 2 spaces of sharing

Rooms will be provided on a first-come, First-served basis. If you would like to stay with a friend, we can organise this accordingly if you let us know asap. If you would like to source your own accommodation, please contact us for a discounted retreat price, however, this accommodation has been provided at a fair price, a good rate and a great location.

Dance Classes Covered:

Traditional Advanced Belly Dance / Tribal Fusion Belly Dance / Contemporary Fusion / Afrobeats Fusion / Belly Dance Bollywood Fusion / Veil Belly Dance / Bonus Heels Dance / Drum Solo Belly Dance / Shaabi Belly Dance / Salsa Fusion / Bachata Fusion / Reggaeton / Bonus Dancehall / Bonus Pole Dancing / Hip Hop and Street Dance

To check out particular dance styles, please see the youtube page and/or our blog page.

My love for Morocco began when I miraculously kept being called back there for work, with friends, family and more (A tale for another time).

I spent over 8 months there and totally fell in love with the Arabic, African and European influences and the mystical nature of their traditions and diverse musical sounds from all over the world. Full of glorious star-gazing skies, beautiful sand dunes and deserts, the famous Atlas mountains, charming villages, old souk markets and the new-town with it’s sophisticated high-vibe nightlife. It is full of contrasts, colours, smells and beautiful tastes, that will always have a deep place within my heart.

I hope you can join me on rediscovering Marrakech to do what we all love to do – Dance!

What’s included?

  • Three full days of DANCE CLASSES (of 15 hours across 3 days – 13th, 14th & 15th September) throughout the stay at Art Academy, including a class with the founder of Art Academy who runs shows and events all over Morocco and has worked with creative artists world-wide.
  • All bonus and guest teacher classes
  • 4 nights accommodation (12th – 15th september) in a beautiful and authentic Riad accommodation in the heart of the magical Old Town of Marrakech. We all get to stay together as a dance family for the weekend in a cosy Moroccan atmosphere. This is the centre of restaurants, markets, palaces, museums and the famous square Jamaa Lefna. Please view sleeping arrangements in the accommodation section above, which will be given on a first come first serve basis. Friends who want to stay together can be accommodated if it is possible.
  • Full Breakfast (To include Moroccan creps, fruit salads, cake, breads, warm drinks, croissants, jams, yogurts and a choice of an extra menu.
  • Transport to and from the dance studio venue across the 3 days of dance classes
  • Table bookings at night time venues

What is not included?

  • Flights or transport from the airport
  • Evening shows (Discounts will be provided and some shows are free to watch or at a very low price)
  • Lunch and dinners
  • Any extra activities you wish to do.
  • Any extra days staying at the accommodation (other than the 4 nights already included).


with a 2 hour break in-between each day.

Start Time:

Finish Time:
FRIDAY 13th September10am5pm
SATURDAY 14th September10am5pm
SUNDAY 15th September10am5pm

*Early bird booking before 24th March 2024: £290
*Price after that: £350

If you cannot pay the full amount in one go, a 30% deposit can be made, which is non-refundable.


Early Bird Price:

Full Price:

Terms and Conditions for this retreat:

  • Discover Dance UK hold no responsibility for flights booked or any issues surrounding flights booked for the retreat, regardless of retreat plans or change in circumstances.
  • The retreat is non-refundable. We are happy to try to exchange the spot with someone else if they become available (or if you can find someone available to take your spot) or if there is a waiting list for cancellations and with last minute bookings, however, we cannot guarantee that your spot will be filled and therefore the money paid will be nonrefundable in this circumstance. This is due to the fact that facilities, studio and accommodation costs will need to be paid upfront on our end.
  • If classes are missed due to absence of students, these cannot be refunded or replaced by any other classes outside of the retreat schedule
  • Discover Dance UK hold no responsibility for any activities, actions, injuries, excursion issues etc, taken throughout the retreat and throughout the stay
  • Every student attending the retreat are required to have valid insurance that covers health and injury costs or any losses throughout the stay. (Discover Dance UK can help source this if needed, upon request, at a cheap price between £5-20). Discover Dance UK hold no responsibility for the lack of insurance acquired by a student and will not be held accountable for any losses, injuries or mishaps throughout the retreat.
  • Students are required to respect Riad rules of maintaining quiet/serene/peace throughout their stay and are not allowed to have any loud parties within the Riad or bring anyone outside of the retreat into the Riad’s throughout their stay. Anyone who goes against Riad rules, will be automatically removed from the Riad.
  • Where transport is included, students will be expected to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to pick-up times and any missed transport, will mean you will have to arrange your own transport at your own costs.