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Learn Intermediate Belly Dance in a short time in this level 2 course and have fun working out whilst learning a new skill in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space, no matter where you are!


A course containing 24 videos of movements.

Push your skills further and challenge your technique, learn level 2 movements, strengthen muscles, refine isolations, learn various styles and combinations. Some belly dance experience required, but not essential. We will be shimmying lots and learning harder combinations in this course!

A fun and varied class where your movements, technique, memory and isolations will be worked on. Join this course if you are looking for fun and fitness whilst learning the beautiful art of belly dance. All levels welcome.

Lose weight, improve mobility, heart-rate, fitness, tone, flexibility , alignment, body awareness, work abs, glutes, thighs and posture. By working on specific techniques, movements, styling, musicality and combinations, you will have the ability to grace belly dance style with confidence and presence.

Syllabus content detailed below.


The course covers the following:

– Introduction

– Warmup

– Posture

– 10 Hip Movements

– 4 Body Movements

– Shoulder and Fluid Body Movements

– A variety of Travelling Steps

– Shimmies

– Combination Routines Section

– Cool Down

– Outro

Feel energised, empowered, healthier and happier. Click here to see why Belly dance is a leading exercise for anyone and everyone and the profound health benefits the dance style has on the mind, body and Spirit!

Guidance and support will be provided throughout the duration of the course and therefore you will see yourself grow into a dancer as well as get more fit. It is an extremely highly rewarding undertaking, especially if this means getting out of your comfort zone and facing any fears or apprehensions you may have.

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What you will learn in your course?

  • Discover all level 2 movements. Push your skills further and challenge your technique, strengthen muscles and refine isolations
  • Learn different variations of hip, shoulder and chest movements and shimmy lots in this course! Learn more varied combinations
  • Skills to put all learnt movements into dance combinations, and simply enjoy dancing to the music
  • Lose weight, improve mobility, heart-rate, fitness, tone, flexibility , alignment, body awareness, work abs, glutes, thighs and posture
  • Improve health, dive into your graceful divine feminine and loosen a tight body helping with PMS, Menopause and pre-pregnancy, strengthening the pelvic floor
  • Become more confident and comfortable with your body. Release shame, guilt and trauma all held at a cellular level within the hip and pelvic floor areas

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone wanting to learn Belly Dancing Intermediate / level 2 movements and combinations
  • Belly Dancers and continuing students who would like to learn technique from another professional instructor
  • Those who want to lose weight, get fit, tone, be more present, improve their core and get their blood flowing
  • Growth seekers, personal development, those who want to improve their health, have awareness of their bodies and awaken their spirit and those who love dance and music
  • Dancers who wants to learn a different dance style of dance and / or refine isolations

Thank you so much for this course. I am a dance teacher myself in different styles and I have been struggling to learn to belly dance for a long time and kept asking dance teachers for their explanations. Your simple way of showing the movements as micro moves made me do the movements accurately for the first time ever! THANKS!!! Keep dancing and sharing your passion.

Love the video my shimmy sister. You are amazing and you made me pick up the dance style and learn to belly dance so fast! All because you are an amazing teacher! I love your style, power, intensity, energy, one of the best I will be honest.

Amazing course! A perfect combination of theory and practice all taught in a super enjoyable way! I am even more impressed with how Anita gets her students going having seen the effort that goes into being a good dancer. Such a lovely teacher with a humble nature. I did this course at home where she delivered the best experience of my life. Highly recommended!