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Beginners Belly Dance Course


Learn to Belly Dance in a short time in this level 1 course and have fun working out whilst learning a new skill in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space, no matter where you are!

A course containing 31 videos of movements. See our Syllabus of course content below. 

An introduction to the addictive art of Belly Dancing. Discover the basic level 1 movements and go through the beginners belly dance syllabus at your own pace. Build core and muscle strength, improve posture, learn isolations and fluidity in your movements, work your abs, thighs and glutes, tone and learn different variations of the hip, shoulder and chest. We will be shimmying lots too in this course!

A fun and varied class where your movements, technique, memory and isolations will be worked on. Join this course if you are looking for fun and fitness whilst learning the beautiful art of belly dance. All levels welcome.

By working on specific techniques, posture, movements, styling, musicality and combinations, you will have the ability to grace belly dance style with confidence and presence.

Guidance and support will be provided throughout the duration of the course and therefore you will see yourself grow into a dancer as well as get more fit. It is an extremely highly rewarding undertaking, especially if this means getting out of your comfort zone and facing any fears or apprehensions you may have.






– Introduction

– Warmup

– Posture

– 10 Hip Movements

– 4 Chest Movements

– Shoulder and fluid Body Movements

– A variety of Travelling Steps

– Shimmies

– 2 x Combination routines over 5 videos

– Arm Work

– Cool Down

– Outro