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Salsa Styling Course


Learn this dance form with origins from Cuba as the meeting point of Spanish (European) and African cultures. Learn Salsa ladies styling dance, timing, postures, armwork, footwork and flourishes. A course that captures everyone from the get-go because of the addictive music, latin flavour, powerful rhythmic patterns and interesting footwork. A workshop that will leave you feeling like a diva! Passionate, fierce and sensuous.

The focus of this course is to concentrate of ladies salsa styling that can then be applied as solo dance work or on the dance floor with a partner. Very simply, lady styling occurs in both salsa and bachata and refers to the sophisticated and elegant moves that the female dancer makes. It’s centred on dancing in a way that suits you and the way you move naturally whilst characteristically fitting smoothly with the dance.

A course to empower women! Spice up your dance, unleash your sensuality, feel sexy and increase your confidence!

Feel energised, empowered, healthier and happier. Discover beginner’s ladies styling salsa movements and go through the syllabus, learn footwork, armwork, drills and techniques.





The course covers the following:

– Intro

– Warm Up

– Mambo Step

– Basic Step

– Front Tap

– Back step

– Side Step

– Cross Step

– Side Cross Step

– Basic with a Tap

– Right Turn

– Left Turn

– Upper Body

– Combination Section

– Cool Down and Stretch

– Outro