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TimesNext to each style below
Venue:123 Victoria Street, London, SW1P 6DE

Duration: 1 hour each workshop
Tutor: Anita Makwana



Please contact us to make payment and if interested in signing up.

Check our BLOG page to see videos of dance style examples

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SATURDAY 6th July 2024

SATURDAY 13th July 2024





                   6th July 2024:                                 13th July 2024:                  

Salsa Fusion                                    Belly Bolly Fusion

Tribal Fusion                                    Advanced Belly Dance

Reggaeton Fusion                           Drum Solo Belly Dance

Afrobeats Fusion                             Veil Belly Dance

Commercial Bachata Fusion            Contemporary Fusion



Styles descriptions below and timings next to them:


Saturday 6th July 2024


SALSA FUSION (General Level) 10-11am

Learn this dance form with origins from Cuba as the meeting point of Spanish (European) and African cultures. Learn Salsa dance timing, postures, arms, footwork and flourishes. This workshop that captures everyone from the get go because of the addictive music, Latin flavour, powerful rhythmic patterns and interesting footwork. A workshop that will leave you feeling like a diva! Passionate, fierce and sensuous.


    TRIBAL FUSION (General Level) 11am-12pm

Awaken the serpent energy in your spiine and move your body in a snake like manner with tribal fluidity, smooth sensuous motions and contrast this with sharp pops and locks! Extreme control of movements and strong isolations will be encouraged to enable you to move like water with precision, grace and deep expression. A beautiful dance that has been created from a combination of worldly dance styles with intense music and deep dark soulful sounds to rouse your spirit and divine energy.


      REGGAETON FUSION (General Level) 1-2pm

A Puerto Rican dance form strongly influenced by Latin American, Caribbean, and hip hop music. It’s a fun, full of flavour and a free-spirited style of dance popular for its body waves, lower body isolations, locks, pops, groove and attitude! Large movements that compliment Belly Dancing accurately and a full body and mind workout that will leave you sweating and glowing with confidence. You can’t help but move your body rhythmically when you hear this music!


AFROBEATS FUSION (General Level) 2pm-3pm

Afrobeats dance is a diverse and fascinating style originating predominantly form Sub-Saharan Africa. It is an evolution from traditional African dance styles following the creation of Afrobeats music. Combine the energetic fluidity and melodious rhythm of afrobeats with belly dance and you create a wonderful concoction of movements and an enthralling dance style.


                                    COMMERCIAL BACHATA FUSION (General Level) 3-4pm


A commercial Modern dance involving elements of western dance styles to include Shakira and Beyonce like movements. We combine this with Bachata, a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic which is now danced all over the world.

  Dance moves or step variety strongly depend on the music, setting, mood, and interpretation. The music is mesmerising and the movements of both Bachata and Commercial combined are a wonderful combination of sways, waves and sensual hip fluctuations.



    SATURDAY 13th July 2024.


BELLY BOLLY FUSION (General Level) 10am-11am

An energetic, rhythmic, fun fitness dance exercise to great music. Combining several forms of Indian and Bollywood dancing combined with Belly Dance that will have you moving and working your whole body! Higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating and smiling.



Throughout Middle Eastern history, belly dance has been performed at special celebrations and occasions like weddings, birth announcements, and festivals. Learn this flowy and grounded style of beautiful belly dancing. Rhythm, flow, musicality, sensuality all describe the folk and social style of belly dancing. Challenge yourself as a dancer with intricate movements, pops, locks and complex drills, fun combinations, precise isolations and learn advanced movements and learn what it feels like to be a true belly dancer!

Build your skills rapidly with travelling steps, footwork, isolations, contractions, precision of movements and greater fluidity that will all be taught in this challenging but fun workshop.  A faster paced class with lots of layering, multiple technique, isolations, varied drills and combinations from smooth and flowy techniques to empowering pops and locks. Accumulate all the skills you have learnt in previous classes thus far.


                                                        DRUM SOLO (General Level) 1-2pm

This course covers moving your body percussively using pops and locks, accents and punctuations. The music is exciting which enables rapid sharp movements combined with softer shimmies, travelling movements and fluidity. Control isolations and learn belly dancing at a very fast pace through this mindful and intricate style of belly dancing. A drum solo piece can leave an audience in absolute awe


                                                        VEIL (General Level) 2-3pm

In this course your veil is your dance partner! Learn to dance gracefully with a veil: poses and postures, flourishes and turns. Your arms will be strengthened and you will learn how to create graceful movements with them. Your upper body strength and posture will also improve and you will get moving across the room and dance floor with true refinement, elegance and grace!


                  CONTEMPORARY BELLY DANCE FUSION (General Level) 3pm-4pm

Contemporary  technique and belly dance movements combined. Working on sinuosity and flawless movement of the body. Freedom of expression, strength, toning and flexibility are all attributes ascertained within this fusion style. Connecting mind and body through fluid and wide-range dance movements, taking up space to create full expression.





1 Hour Workshop: £13 (Each)

1 day of workshops: £49

2 days of workshops: £88


Please contact us to make payment and if interested in signing up.



Check our BLOG page to see videos of dance style examples


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Online Workshop

1 workshop: £25, 2 workshops: £40, 3 workshops: £55, 4 workshops: £70, 5 workshops: £80, 6 workshops: £85